Building Local Sustainability Globally

       Designing and Implementing Training Programs for Adults and Children That Heal the Soil and Communities. 

A farm visit, confirming the lessons taught are truly helping increase yields

Our History

We have had the privilege of engaging experienced trainers from many different areas of the world including Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Canada, Guatemala, Kenya, Costa Rica and Haiti. As of today we have held more than 9 adult classes and many many children’s classes in several areas of Haiti, held 6 classes in Kenya and one in Costa Rica. Altogether we have created and overseen education for 640 adults and 2450 children. It really feels wonderful to have the honor of doing this work and with your help we can continue to do more. 

Our Mission

     At Mindful Generations, we focus on the growing environment and the communities, then empower them thru education. We bring sustainable practices to those who work the soil in order to create more food and a better life. Healthy soil is a start toward a healthy community worldwide. In our experience, when a  community has enough food readily available, the entire community prospers. It takes a village and food to raise a child, and healthy soil can continue to feed people for many many generations. We give farmers the tools nessesary to teach others these techniques and work together, creating a well equipped society so they can solve problems themselves. That’s Empowering!

Help Us to Help Them

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